About jebaker64

I am a new resident of Phoenix, Arizona and I love nature photography, shapes, symmetry, architectural design, candid people shots, musical instrument photography, food and holiday photography, astrophotography.

I am not a professional but have a background in graphic design and know what I like to see. I am using three cameras right now - iPhone 10x for 4K vid and spur of the moment shots, Huawei P20 Pro for low lighting conditions and a Nikon P1000 for trying to decide which crater on the moon looks most welcoming.

Our new home in Phoenix is named Casa La Paz, and is an Oasis for professionals needing a place to stay from all over the world. Although I am not Hispanic I have a great love for the culture and added "Fotografia" to go with the name of our home.

In English you would say "House of Peace Photography."